HPP 90/10

The pump is designed to pump clean and non-explosive liquids, without abrasive and filamentary parts in suspension and with a viscosity not exceeding 20mm2 / s.



The pump is designed for industrial applications:

  • Machine tools (grinding, lathes, drilling centers)
  • Glass processing machines
  • Filtration systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Washing machines

Operating conditions

Liquid temperature from -15 � C to + 90 � C - Maximum ambient temperature + 40 � C.

Electric motor:

The pump is equipped with a closed construction motor, with external ventilation, built according to IEC 60034-30-1 in IE3 (Premium Efficiency) efficiency class. Motor protection degree IP 55.


Rating plate data

Attributo Valore
Potenza 1 (kW) 2,61
Potenza 2 (kW) 2,2
Conn. Idraulica (") 1 1/4
Portata Massima (l/min) 135
Prevalenza Massima (mt) 80
Dim max impurità (mm) 0,003
Tipo girante Closed


Materiale Opzione Materiale
Girante Aisi 416
Corpo Pompa Cast iron G20
Chiocciola Aisi 416
Albero Aisi 416


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