The Group Power of sinergy

Insieme, nel modo migliore, per la soddisfazione del cliente.

Sacemi-Gamar srl belongs to the Mezzalira Investment Group spa, a dynamic group in continuous expansion, which includes other companies representing the italian excellence in furniture, mechanics and plastic.
The different industrial scenarios of these companies create synergies for a greater valorisation of each one, thus adding value to each one of them, and still preserving the value of the brands, the identity and the positioning of the products.
A high level organization, with a quality production structure up to any challenge, composed of a young team with the same dream: to make the difference.


Sacemi was founded in the sixties in milan, but it was in 1995 in veneto, and more precisely in noventa di piave (venice), that it consolidated and expanded its presence on the market of electric pumps for machine tools.
Thanks to the highly driven synergy between the two companies which merged in october 2009 to become Sacemi-Gamar s.r.l., it was possible to give very fast responses to customers and a qualified service both for electric pumps bearing the Sacemi ® brand and for those bearing the Gamar ® brand.

Vision & Mission

In close cooperation with the main manufacturers to fulfill the requirements of the new machine tools and to design electric pumps, electric motors and their component parts, according to the needs and with the same criteria as the machines to which they belong.


The production site of Sacemi-Gamar s.r.L., in Noventa di Piave (VE) extends over an area of 12,000 square meters, 6,000 of which are covered. The company focuses on technology to improve speed and operational flexibility and on design to satisfy the market demands in real time. Technology, design and manufacturing of machine tools and everything that rotates around it, such as robotics and other automation systems, are strongly linked to the components, and the electric pump and the electric motor are part of them. The company is in contact with various realities that constantly require new technologies and therefore offers itself as a complement for the manufacturers of machines for mechanics, glass, air-conditioning, building, and liquids treatment, creating an integration among components, equipment and machines.

SACEMI - Eletric Pumps

The production program includes a vast range of low and medium pressure electric centrifugal pumps in many different models, with steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass or plastic pump body designed for industrial applications and mainly for use in cooling, lubrication, washing and air-conditioning plants and anywhere where efficient water-oil emulsions and pure cutting oils are needed, with flow rates reaching 1,200 litres/min. And head of up to 160 metres. In particular, pump bodies are designed from the point of view of reliability, reasonable running costs, user safety and total elimination of risks of the pumped liquids overflowing or leaking.

GAMAR - Eletric Motors

The synergy between Sacemi and Gamar, a wide range of asynchronous electric three-phase and mono-phase and self-braking with direct and alternate current electric motors, with IEC 60034, LVD 2006/95/CE, EMC 2004/108/CE, MD2006/42/CE, RoHS 2011/65/CE construction characteristics.
The production program currently includes three-phase asynchronous motors with power ranging from 0.06 to 18 kw, with axis heights from 56 to 160 millimetres.
The knowledge of the product allows the technicians to offer, where needed, a wide range of solutions and to satisfy different needs from those of standard or traditional applications.
Motors with special executions, mainly manufactured with flanges, shafts, structure forms and electric parts according to specification, are designed for specific applications, such us ventilators, furnaces, conveyors, presses and machine tools.
The components are made with modern machine tools, automatic coil winders, balancing systems and test benches to test every mechanical and electric functioning aspect. The internal equipment with flexible structure allows a considerable time reduction for the production of casting motor bodies or customized parts.
The main aim is the personalisation of motors according to the customer’s needs, with a wide range suitable for solving the problems of drives with asynchronous motor.
At the same time as the mechanical project, an electric project has been activated to allow a harmonic execution of the requested product.
The tests laboratory not only carries out normal checks on the end product, but it also verifies all the samples and declares their compliance with the initial design.