Corporate compliance is the conformity of business activities to laws, regulations, procedures and codes of conduct. On this page you will find certifications and documents to prove our concrete commitment to ensuring total compliance with regulations, promoting the trust of our stakeholders and contributing to an ethical environment.

Over the years we have worked to ensure that our every action meets the needs of our customers, clients, suppliers and partners but also contributes to a safe and respectful working environment.

Codice eticoCode of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Sacemi-Gamar has adopted a corporate code of ethics, a document that transparently defines the principles and values that guide the behaviour of our company, employees and partners. The Code of Ethics is a fundamental document for the company, as it contributes to creating a positive and respectful working environment where employees feel part of an organisation that shares their values. The Code of Ethics is also an important tool for preventing unlawful behaviour, as it provides a clear framework for their conduct.



Model 231/01

An effective internal control system

With the adoption of Model 231/01, Sacemi-Gamar has reached a significant milestone in its commitment to corporate governance. This is an important confirmation of the company's commitment to transparency, ethics and compliance with current regulations. Model 231/01 is a reflection of Sacemi-Gamar's desire to operate with the utmost transparency: every aspect of Sacemi-Gamar's operations is subject to strict ethical and compliance standards. The achievement of Model 231/01 is not only a corporate success, but also a contribution to building a stronger and more ethical business community. Sacemi-Gamar strives to be a model of excellence for other companies, demonstrating that adherence to strict ethical standards is an investment in the future.





A web portal for reporting non-compliant behaviour

Transparency is fundamental to Sacemi-Gamar's success and therefore we encourage all members of the organisation to report in good faith any behaviour that does not comply with ethical and legal standards. The Whistleblowing procedure, in line with Legislative Decree 24/2023 and the ANAC Guidelines, has been implemented to provide a secure and confidential channel through which potential irregularities can be reported.

What to report

Sacemi-Gamar supports its stakeholders (directors, managers, supervisory bodies, managers, employees and other collaborators, corporate partners, ...) in reporting any potentially illegal, incorrect or dishonest activity, as well as actions or conduct that may cause damage or harm, including image damage, to Sacemi-Gamar itself.

The reporting of actions or conduct contrary to:

  • the Code of Ethics
  • the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001
  • the Environmental Policy
  • other internal policies and procedures

How to report

To facilitate reporting, we have implemented a web-based IT platform managed by a specialised third party. This platform guarantees professionalism, discretion and compliance with local regulations to protect the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter, the reported person, any third parties or witnesses cited and the facts stated in the report.