The ME pump range are external, vertical, non-self-priming multistage centrifugal pumps.
The motor shaft is connected to the pump shaft via a coupling.
The inlet and outlet are located at the bottom of the pump in the same plane.
ME pumps are available in the following materials:

  • MEF with head and inlet/outlet chamber in cast iron and hydraulic parts in AISI 304
  • MEX with head, inlet/outlet chamber and hydraulic parts in AISI 304
  • MEN with AISI 316 head, inlet/outlet chamber and hydraulic parts

Hydraulic connections to the pump are available with round or oval flange, threaded or VICTAULIC system.

Working conditions
Non-explosive, clean liquid without solid grains and fibres; can be used for transporting water, aqueous cooling solutions and cutting lubricants. MEF
version can be used to transport non-corrosive liquids, while MEX and MEN versions are suitable for slightly corrosive liquids.

Liquid temperature:

  • Normal: -15ºC ~ + 70ºC
  • Hot water: -15ºC ~ + 120ºC


ME pumps are used to convey various fluids, from tap water to industrial lubricants, and are used from irrigation to machine tools to industrial cleaning systems.
They can be used at various temperatures, flow rates and pressures; in particular, they are applicable for lathes, grinders, machining centres, refrigeration
equipment, industrial cleaning equipment, filtering systems, etc.

Rating plate data

Attribute Value
Power 1 (kW) 0,37
Power 2 (kW) 2,2


Material Material Option


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