AP 80B

They are suitable for the transfer of liquids containing impurities up to 2 mm in size. The hydraulic components: impeller and nut in cast iron, pump body in cast iron / steel, allow it to be used with water, emulsions and oily substances in general, with a viscosity not exceeding 21 cSt (3 ° Engel). The liquid temperature must not exceed 90 ° C.


They are commonly used on:

  • machine tools (milling machines-lathes-machining centers)
  • glass processing machines
  • surface treatment plants
  • filtration systems

They should normally be installed on a tank with a capacity proportionate to the flow rate, about 6-7 cm from the bottom. It is important to check that the maximum level of liquid in the tank always remains 3-4 cm lower than the support flange (see figure). In cases where the liquid is particularly dirty, it is recommended to build the tank with compartments, to allow the deposit of sludge before it is fished out by the pump. For different uses it is advisable to consult our Technical Department.

Rating plate data

Attribute Value
Power 1 (kW) 1,86
Power 2 (kW) 1,5
Depth Draft (mm) 320 450 610 860
Conn. Hydraulics (") 1 1/2
Maximum flow (l/min) 240
Maximum prevalence (mt) 25
Max impurity dim (mm) 2
Impeller type Closed


Material Material Option
Impeller Cast iron
Pump body Steel
Impeller-cover Cast iron
Shaft Steel


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